List of Faculty
Sl. No. Name Photo graph Academic Qualification Exp Domain Designation Department
Dr. Jayapal.R
B.E, M,E, MISTE, Ph.D 33 Powere Systems and Robust Control Systems Principal Electronics and Communication Engineering
Dr. Madhura.S
B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D 9 Image and Video Processing Assistant Prof.& I/c HoD Electronics and Communication Engineering
Mr. Manjunath.K.M.
B.E, M.Tech, KSET, (Ph.D) 6 VLSI Design and Embedded Systems Assistant Prof Electronics and Communication Engineering
Mrs. Rakshitha Ravi
B.E, M.Tech 4 Power Electronics Assistant Prof. Electronics and Communication Engineering
Dr. Deepak       N. A.
B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D 20 Image Processing Associate Prof. & I/c HoD Computer Science and Engineering
Mr. Deepak.D. J.
B.E, M.Tech, (Ph.D) 7 Machine Learning and Image Processing Assistant Prof. Computer Science and Engineering
Mr. S.V. Nandakumar
B.E, M.Tech, (Ph.D) 35 Computer Integrated Manufacturing Assistant Prof. & I/c HoD Mechanical Engineering
Dr.C. Durgaprasad
B.E, M.Tech, Ph.D 4 Mechanical/ Manufacturing Science and Engineering Assistant Prof. Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Thejas C. M.
B.E, M.Tech (PhD) 8 Construction Technology and Management Assistant Prof. Civil Engineering
Dr. Suresh Kumar M. R.
BSc, MSc, M.Phil, PhD 30 Non-Linear Optical Crystals Associate Prof. & HoD Physics
Dr. Srinatha N
BSc, MSc, PhD 7 Materials Science Assistant Prof. Physics
Dr. Rudresh    Kumar K. J.
BSc, MSc, PhD 16  Inorganic Chemistry / Neuro Chemistry Associate Prof. & HoD Chemistry
Dr. Samrat D
BSc, MSc, PhD 10 Electroanalytical Chemistry Assistant Prof. Chemistry
Dr. S. Sivasankar
BSc, MSc, M.Phil, MBA, PhD 14 Fuzzy Graph Theory Assistant Prof & I/c HoD. Mathematics
BSc, MSc, M.Phil, NET, PhD 12 Finite Element Method, Computational Mathematics. Assistant Prof. Mathematics

Additional Faculty Members Recruited for II Year

Sl. No Department Professors Associate Professors Assistant Professors. Total
1 Science Departments 01 00 03 04
2 Computer Science and Engineering 01 01 02 04
3 Information Science and Engineering 01 01 02 04
4 Electronics and Communication Engineering 01 01 02 04
5 Mechanical Engineering 01 01 02 04
Total 05 04 11 20